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As per their Windows tech support policy, Microsoft will provide only 10 years of tech support service for all Windows operating systems starting from its launch date. This sounds like a fair deal, since you are getting a decade of tech service, if you bought the product on its launch date. But, as we saw in the case of Windows XP, 10 years might not be enough for some users to make the upgrade to the new generation operating systems.

About the Windows tech support policy for Windows 7

Considering the popularity of Windows 7, most of you, who are reading this, might be using the same OS. If so, you should know that Windows 7 Mainstream Support is set to end soon. Mainstream support only lasts for about five years from the date of launch of the product. For Windows 7, this date will fall on January 13, 2015. But, the tech support will continue in the form of Extended support.

With Extended Support, you will only receive regular security patches. This will continue for five more years. The free tech support services you received so far will not be available. If you want any other technical assistance during this time, you might have to pay for it. As mentioned earlier, this is the standard tech support policy followed by Microsoft for all their operating systems.

Actually, this Extended Support will be more than enough to keep the OS in good condition for the next five years. The users need not worry about OS security problems until January 14, 2020, when this support also is set to expire. However, for some users, this might not be enough. If you are an IT professional or a software developer, then you might need the latest OS updates and tools for work purposes.

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It is possible that Microsoft might extend the Mainstream Support to those users who are willing to pay for it. At any rate, they might consider doing this for the enterprise users. If not, you can always upgrade your system to the next generation Windows OS to enjoy five years of Mainstream support. It is very much possible that Microsoft will release the recently announced Windows 10 before the Windows 7 Mainstream support end-date mentioned above.

In fact, they have to release Windows 10 before this date, since no Windows 7 user is interested in upgrading to Windows 8 or 8.1. So, Microsoft has to offer them an alternative, if they want to retain these customers.

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Why Is Availing The Service Of A Tech Support Firm The Best Choice To Fix Your Computer Issues

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A computer is an assembly of various hardware items. These hardware items work with its corresponding software program. Now, if the hardware or software of the operating system does not work smoothly, you can encounter troubles with the computer. When you encounter troubles with the computer, there are many ways to fix it. One of the easiest methods is to call up one of your techie friends. Another option is to call any of the technical support companies that offer Windows online support.

Now, your techie friend may not be available all the time when you encounter an issue with the computer. Therefore, the best option is to avail the support of a technical support company. By calling up a technical support firm, you can ensure that the issue gets fixed as quickly as possible. There are many advantages of choosing a technical support firm. Let us go through these advantages in detail.

Toll free number

Once you sign up for the services of a technical support firm, you can call the company’s toll free number for services. All the technical support firms have toll free numbers for their customers. This helps you to save on your telephone bills.

Support throughout day and night

One of the major advantages of availing the service of a Windows online support company is that they provide you with round the clock support. It does not matter which hour of the day you call them, you will receive instant support.

Support for all computer related issues

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Majority of the technical support firms provide support for all your computer issues. Keep in mind that they will not be able to repair a faulty piece of hardware in your computer as it is beyond their scope of support. However, they will diagnose the issue and find out whether it is related to a faulty hardware. Once you purchase a new hardware or repair it, the technicians can help you with its setup. They will help you to download and install the correct drivers for the hardware so that it works smoothly.

Qualified and skilled technicians

Majority of technical support firms appoint only qualified technicians. They are given high quality training to fix various issues with the computer. By this, they ensure complete resolution of all your computer related issues.

Next time when you face an issue with your computer, make sure that you sign up for the service of a reliable technical support company to avail the best solution.

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Windows XP Is Dead, Yet Some Users Continue Using It

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It is now old news that Windows XP, the oldest Windows OS in use, was removed from the list of supported products by the Redmond-based software manufacturer, Microsoft Corporation. This happened over five months ago. So, no use calling Windows support number for XP related issues. Microsoft has ended the long existing support for Windows XP. This means, the users will not receive any Windows XP security patches, feature updates, technical assistance, either paid or free. You can dial the Windows support number for your Windows XP issues, but the company will not help you out, that is for sure.

Microsoft was planning this end of support for a long time. In all their previous attempts, they were unsuccessful due to the number of requests received from SMBs and customers around the world. However, the company has had it enough and has finally abandoned the thirteen-year-old operating system. Actually, when you look at it, it is quite commendable the time, for which it existed in the software world and the cyber space.

Though most users are aware of the end of support, some of them have ignored it completely for various reasons. In fact, there are millions of users in the world, who are continuing to use Windows XP for their OS needs. It is a surprise that even months after the end of support, the old OS is still the second most popular operating system among Windows OS users in the world. When you think of it, there could many possible reasons why the users are risking security just to stay with the XP powered system.

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Most common one is the familiarity of the OS, considering its thirteen year-long existence. The OS remained supported for so long that majority of the users find XP to be the most familiar OS ever. All XP features are well-known to the users, who have had the chance to use the OS for various reasons.

Another possible reason is the fact that the successor to Windows XP did not do well. Windows Vista was one of the worst flops in the history of Microsoft. Microsoft, along with the users, considers the OS a nightmare. With the awfulness of Vista, Windows XP got a further boost and many users stuck to the OS.

These reasons may or may not be logical, but one thing is clear, Windows XP support has ended. Windows XP will now be the target of hackers, viruses, malware, malicious codes and what not. If you are willing to risk that, then go ahead!

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How To Access Help In Windows OS

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From the latest cloud computing technology to hardware peripherals like keyboards, Microsoft boasts a wide list of features under its belt. The reason why Microsoft is extremely popular is that it is able to understand peoples’ needs and then cater to the same accordingly. In order to address the issues that customers face, Microsoft provides support services for every single product and service it provides.

If you want help using any Microsoft software, you merely need to press the F1 button to avail the Windows Help function. The help articles will detail how to perform each task and will provide basic troubleshooting steps. If you need help understanding or learning to use any particular feature, you merely need to press the F1 button and browse through the Windows Help articles.

Microsoft is very particular about tech security. In order to do so, Microsoft provides regular security patches and updates on a constant basis. These updates also boost the performance of the specific software by removing existing bugs and adding more features. Hence, it is crucial to keep your system updated at all times. Turning on Windows Auto update will ensure your operating system and related programs are updated at all times.

If you have specific issues with your computer, it is always best to hire the services of third-party support companies. If you have any problem with your computer, let it be virus attacks or specific bugs with any application, you can contact our tech support service by calling on our Windows support number. Our support technicians will be able to look into the issue and troubleshoot it without any additional hassles.

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The support staff can fix issues with MS Office, Outlook Express, MS Outlook, etc. as well as issues with your Windows operating system. If you suspect you have some malware application running on your system, you can get system diagnostics run by the support staff by calling the Windows support number. They have advanced tech support and diagnostic tools to help find issues with your system and then correct them.

If you are unable to solve issues in your computer all by yourself, it is better to hire the service of third-party support comapnies. They have undergone special training and are experts at fixing issues, no matter how complicated they are. They are also updated on a constant basis to ensure that they will be able to take on any issue and solve them without hassles.

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Where To Find The System IP Address Information In Windows 7

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Modern operating systems and software applications are designed in such a way that even the least tech-savvy people can use it. Most of these applications are designed to automatically look for the information they need from the OS without bothering the user with any of these details. However, this might not be the case always.

Finding your system IP address

For example, when you are using some chat service, a multiplayer gaming platform or any such online service, you need to provide your IP address, which is needed for the online server to establish a connection with your system. As mentioned earlier, in many cases, such data is obtained automatically. However, in some cases, you will be asked to enter these details.

IP address is the Internet Protocol number assigned to each computer connected to the internet. This number is essentially used as an address to receive and send data to and from your system. Your browser and all other client applications in your system are automatically using this IP address to upload and download data from internet.

If any of the software applications you are using asks you to enter the IP address to connect to the online server, you can easily obtain this information from the OS itself without contacting any Windows tech support personnel. There are many ways of finding out the IP address of your system.

One of them is to execute a command to display the IP address from the Command Prompt. Launch the Command Prompt window from the Start Menu. You can launch it from the Accessories options under All Programs. Once the Command Prompt is launched, type in the command ‘ipconfig‘ and press Enter. You will now see many details about the system network connection. Note down the IP address you see there.

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Yet another way of obtaining the IP address information is to use the Network and Sharing Center in Windows 7. You can launch this by clicking on the Network Connection link shown in the task bar. Just select the option Open Network and Sharing Center that appears in the context menu.

The Active Connections will be shown there under the heading connections. Select Local Area Connection or Wireless Network Connection depending on the type of connection you are using. Click on the Details option to see the IP address your system is using.

If you have any queries about any Windows 7 networking issues, you may contact our Windows tech support team for assistance.

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