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It seems that the end of Windows XP support or the spread of vulnerabilities hasn’t made any difference in the number of folks still using the operating system. Windows XP is still holding about one third of the total Windows market share. Among these users, about half of them are using it as their primary operating system.

Microsoft ended all kinds of support for XP on 8th of April this year. There is dedicated Windows support number for the OS. Before ending the support, the tech giant had said that it would endorse third party security firms to continue providing technical support for Windows XP. Nevertheless, no further improvements have been made on this.

Market watcher reports highlight big contrast between Windows XP Vs Windows 8

A recent report published by Market Watcher highlights the huge gap between the market share of Windows XP and Windows 8. While XP holds about 30.01 percent of the total Windows market share, Windows 8 has managed to obtain only about 2.64 percent of the market share as of last January. The total market share of both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 combined makes up about 6.66 percent of the market share.

Microsoft states that there has been a considerable decline in the number of users of Windows XP. However, the claims need to be looked at from different angles. If you consider the entire Windows market share, including all types of devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, the market share of Windows XP might be slightly lower that what Market watcher puts, that is 30.01 percent. But, it does not really mean that Windows XP market share has reduced.

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The number of people using XP remains the same. A slight change is reflected in the market share because of the increasing number of users for tablets and smartphones. If you consider only the desktop/laptops market share of Windows, Windows XP could be securing a much higher percentage of market shares.

The latest trend, after Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP and pulled out the Windows support number of XP, is that people are choosing a new operating system only when they have to purchase a new PC. There is much lesser number of users wanting to upgrade their PCs from an older operating system, perhaps Windows XP or Windows Vista to either Windows 7 or Windows 8. Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 9 OS might make a difference because of the hype it gets that it is a desktop oriented OS.

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Software Giant Warns Of Pending Support Deadlines

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It has just been a few months since Microsoft ditched Windows XP, and now, the software giant has started warning Windows 7 users of the approaching support deadline. Before heading on, let us see what exactly Microsoft’s support strategy includes.

Mainstream Support: When Microsoft mentions the term “mainstream support”, it stands for the usual five-year period, in which the company provides free patches, updates, and fixes, including the security and software updates for its various products.

Extended Support: When the mainstream support phase ends, Microsoft continues to provide the “extended support”. This extended support actually means that users will continue receiving free security patches and hotfixes, but other types of software updates will not be available for free. Users can avail them, but only paid subscriptions are offered once the mainstream support period is over.

End of Support: This phrase means that there will be no more fixes or patches for that particular product, neither paid nor free – not even security related. There is no use calling Windows support number after the end of support either.

This end of support was recently applied to the 13-year-old Windows XP platform. Windows support number highlights that XP users will not get any sort of official support authorized by the company anymore. Interestingly, the tech giant has also started warning Windows 7 users of the end of mainstream support as well.

End of Windows 7 support

As per the warnings, the free mainstream support for Windows 7 will end on January 13, 2015. The end of free support here will be applicable to all Windows 7 versions – Enterprise, Home Basic, Home Premium, Starter, and Ultimate. The extended support can be availed by Windows 7 users until January 14, 2020. However, some software industry watchers and speculators believe that Microsoft Corporation will have to push out Windows 7 support dates a bit forward, just as the company was forced to do for Windows XP, considering the pervasiveness and popularity of Windows 7.

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Apart from Windows 7, the mainstream support for Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, and all editions of Windows Storage Server 2008, will also end on January 13, 2015. Other pending support deadlines include complete end of support for Windows Server 2003, on July 14, 2015. This means that the software maker will not be issuing patches, or security updates or fixes for all those old Windows servers.

It seems as if Microsoft is stepping up its warnings, because the company wants users to migrate to the next available Service Pack, or operating system. Let us wait and see how that works out for the tech giant.

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Setting Up A Microsoft Account

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One of the main problems one has to deal with when using different online services is to remember lots of usernames and passwords. Not only that, you also have to remember the Security Questions and the answers for each of these accounts, which you set up during the sign up process, in case you forget the password.

To reduce all these inconveniences to the users, big tech firms like Microsoft and Google now provide the option of using a common user ID and password for all their online services.

Creating a common Microsoft account

According to Windows online support team, you can use the same Microsoft ID for signing into Microsoft’s online services like Outlook, Bing, or OneDrive, as well as register different Windows Devices like Windows Phone, Windows RT tablet, or a Windows powered PC or laptop. You can even use the same Microsoft account for logging into applications like Visual Studio, Microsoft Entourage, or CodeView, which are developed by Microsoft.

Microsoft account was previously called Windows Live account. There are two different ways of setting up such a Microsoft account. First is to use one of your existing email IDs with any of the popular email services like Gmail or Yahoo. This is to avoid the need for you to create yet another ID online. You can just go to Microsoft Live webpage and click on the sign up link you see there. You can link your existing email account to this Microsoft service.

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The second option is to create a new Microsoft ID for this purpose. For this, click on the relevant link shown on the Microsoft Live page and type in the details like your name, location, etc into the columns provided there. When done, you can use this account user ID and password for all Microsoft products and services.

You can also link this newly created Microsoft account with your Windows operating system. There is an option for logging into the Windows OS using your Microsoft account instead of your system user account. This will also facilitate the smooth integration of Windows online support services like OneDrive cloud storage with your OS.

In fact, many of the third party online service providers these days are also providing this option to their user community. You can easily sign up for their services using an existing Microsoft account, or even use your login credentials for any social networking sites for that.

So, make use of such options to reduce the number of user IDs and passwords you will need online.

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Reinstall Windows - What to do before and after formatting

Want to format your computer and reinstall Windows? Omni Tech support guides you how to perform the task easily. See:

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Fixes For Surface Pro 3 Battery Life And Wi-Fi Issues

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is Windows 8.1 tablet of the Surface series. The first model of which was rolled out in the year 2014. The tablet has a 12-inch display screen, is thinner and lighter than it is the previous models. The tablet is built on fourth generation Intel Core Processor with a much better battery life.

Some of the issues with the tablet are that pen pressure lag and sensitivity, which Microsoft is still working on. The home button replacement would make it very easy to touch while drawing. Some of the other issues are wifi connectivity, battery life, overheating etc. Microsoft is working on all these issues out of which there were some fixes released for wifi connectivity and battery life. Look into the Windows Online Support page to know more on the Windows Update service.

Microsoft recently came out with propel of updates for Surface Pro 3, especially for its battery life and Wi-Fi connectivity. There were three of the updates mainly to boost battery life in one way or the other. Out of the three updates, one fix was to reduce power consumption; the second one was to enhance battery life while the third and the last one was wireless internet connectivity.

A good thing about the internet connectivity update is that it reduces the power consumption, by working effectively in low power states. The fix is also able to address some of the issues that users have been facing using the Wifi connectivity, improving on certain scenarios. This is not it; there is another update that was released later which was also connected with improving wireless connectivity.

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There is an update, which can improve the track pad reliability. Another update would be supporting the way in which the keyboard appears and disappears. All these updates are listed on the support page for Surface Pro. They also added that users should not to expect this Windows Online Support for Surface Pro 3 to appear anytime soon.

Microsoft said that the updates provided via Windows Update service when it comes to the Surface customers are delivered in stages. Therefore, because of this, not all users would receive the update all at the same time. Microsoft assures that all the devices will surely receive the updates, even if not at the same time.

Users also experienced a delay in connecting to Wi-Fi when it comes out of sleep mode. There is roughly a delay of one minute during this. This issue has not been addressed in the current updates.

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