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As it happened recently with the Windows XP OS, Windows online support services will not be available to the users once it finishes its Extended Support period. In fact, even during the Extended Support period, you have to pay for any Microsoft technical assistance you might require. However, you need not have to if the OS is still in the Mainstream Support period.

When paying for tech support service

Even after the extended support period, you have the option of subscribing to a paid Microsoft tech support. But, in most cases, this support is offered only to the Enterprise users. At any rate, only Enterprise users might be able to afford such paid support services from the tech giant. Ordinary users need to look for third party support providers to get an affordable service package.

This is where it gets tricky. Many third party firms have set up websites claiming to provide quality Windows online support. But, many of them are clearly online scams. So, the Windows users need to take the necessary precautions before signing up for such a service.

You can search for a solution for the Windows OS problems in many of the Windows user forums online. Using the Search tool provided there, you might find some old posts, where other Windows users had discussed about the same OS issue. You can make use of such information you find online.

Also, searching with the OS error code online will lead you to the Knowledge Base article or the Microsoft Fix It solution web link that Microsoft set up for the Windows OS users. You can make use of these solutions to fix the problem.

Online Scams

Contact Tech Support

If you manage to find a reputed third party service provider online, you may use their helpline number or their live chat link to send in your query. Generally, they use the Remote Access option to provide the necessary support service needed to fix the problem.

In a Remote Access service session, the tech support personnel will ask your permission to gain access to your system remotely through the internet. For this, you might have to install a client application on your system for facilitating the connection.

This is only required if the issue is too complicated for you to fix on your own by following the troubleshooting instructions they gave during the chat session. As you can see, even without the official Microsoft support, you can still receive quality OS support online.

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Microsoft Issues Emergency Update For XP To Fight IE Bug

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Windows Security Update

The recently released emergency update for Windows XP has been effective in helping users to fight an annoying bug in the IE (Internet Explorer). The decision to release the emergency update was unexpected. Many XP users were hesitant to download and install the emergency update as they feared that it might be a bogus update. While ending Windows tech support for XP back in April, 2014, Microsoft had announced that it would no longer send any patch fixes or security updates for XP. So, no one thought that there would be another update. However, Microsoft cleared out the suspicion of its users by stating that it was a genuine update.

Internet Explorer is affected by bug, millions of users concerned

Meanwhile, Microsoft said that the decision to issue an update designed for fighting the IE bug was drafted after it learnt that the bug was infected through multiple IE versions on different Windows versions. Hence, in order to fight the bug effectively across all Windows versions and IE versions, Microsoft had to eliminate it totally.

Microsoft knew that leaving the bug untouched on XP would create similar issues in future as there are millions of people using Windows XP and different IE versions compatible on XP; through their systems, there are increased chances for the spread of the bug. In short, Microsoft’s decision to release a bug fix for XP was not because it cared about XP users even after the termination of Windows tech support for XP but it wanted to eradicate the bug completely.

Windows Update

Windows XP Support

Microsoft says the bug affected only a small number of users

Microsoft in its recent press release talked about the bug issue and clarified that the issue affected only a small number of users and the experts were investigating it.

How to install emergency Windows updates in XP?

The procedure for downloading the emergency updates in Windows XP is the same. Go to the Start button and choose All Programs followed by Windows Update. In the Windows Update section, click the option that says Check for update. Microsoft has requested Windows XP users to download and install the update as early as possible.

Microsoft has advised Windows XP users to migrate to latest Windows versions as early as possible. It said that the emergency update released to fight the IE bug was an exemption and no further updates of any sort will be released.

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XP Users Are Urged To Upgrade Their Systems

Windows Support Number

About Windows XP Support

It has been months since Microsoft officially ended official tech support services for XP. But, the market survey figures continue to show that millions of users are dragging their feet when it comes to making the upgrade. Officially, there is no longer a Windows support number or a tech support website for the XP OS. Users visiting the old XP support website links will just see a message urging them to upgrade their systems.

XP users not in hurry to upgrade their systems

Most XP users are discarding the warning messages they have been receiving from Microsoft regarding the security problems that might arise from using an unsupported OS. They are well-aware that Microsoft has been struggling to generate some demand for their new Windows 8 operating system in the market. Some XP users are not impressed by the fact Microsoft continues to provide paid tech support to their enterprise customers at a rate the average users cannot afford.

Also, the XP users are smart enough to use other software tools like a good antivirus program, malware detection software, firewall applications, etc to protect their systems for a few more months until they figure out the next course of action. Once it became clear that many XP users are considering upgrading to Windows 7, Microsoft cleverly discontinued the supply of Windows 7 OS to their OEM partners. Here too, they made an exception for the enterprise users by continuing to supply the Windows 7 Enterprise editions to the OEMs.

However, Microsoft cannot be faulted here for abandoning their old operating systems. They are following their product policies correctly here. But, it seems that they have stopped extending the deadlines, because of the pressure from the users. Such decisions in the past have created a market environment, where they are finding it difficult to sell their new products.

Tech Support Services

Tech Support For XP

XP no longer a safe operating system

Also, there is much truth to the security warnings they issued to the XP users. Some of the OS security issues have to be fixed by updating the OS. The protection offered by the antivirus program is limited when the OS itself has many security vulnerabilities. With the OS security updates no longer available, it is only a matter of time before the hackers figured out a way to exploit this situation.

So, the time is indeed running out for the XP users to make the transition to a new OS. Call our Windows support number, if you need any help with this.

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Windows 7 Mainstream Support End-Date Approaching

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Windows 7 Support Details

As per their Windows tech support policy, Microsoft will provide only 10 years of tech support service for all Windows operating systems starting from its launch date. This sounds like a fair deal, since you are getting a decade of tech service, if you bought the product on its launch date. But, as we saw in the case of Windows XP, 10 years might not be enough for some users to make the upgrade to the new generation operating systems.

About the Windows tech support policy for Windows 7

Considering the popularity of Windows 7, most of you, who are reading this, might be using the same OS. If so, you should know that Windows 7 Mainstream Support is set to end soon. Mainstream support only lasts for about five years from the date of launch of the product. For Windows 7, this date will fall on January 13, 2015. But, the tech support will continue in the form of Extended support.

With Extended Support, you will only receive regular security patches. This will continue for five more years. The free tech support services you received so far will not be available. If you want any other technical assistance during this time, you might have to pay for it. As mentioned earlier, this is the standard tech support policy followed by Microsoft for all their operating systems.

Actually, this Extended Support will be more than enough to keep the OS in good condition for the next five years. The users need not worry about OS security problems until January 14, 2020, when this support also is set to expire. However, for some users, this might not be enough. If you are an IT professional or a software developer, then you might need the latest OS updates and tools for work purposes.

Windows 8

Contact Windows Tech Support

It is possible that Microsoft might extend the Mainstream Support to those users who are willing to pay for it. At any rate, they might consider doing this for the enterprise users. If not, you can always upgrade your system to the next generation Windows OS to enjoy five years of Mainstream support. It is very much possible that Microsoft will release the recently announced Windows 10 before the Windows 7 Mainstream support end-date mentioned above.

In fact, they have to release Windows 10 before this date, since no Windows 7 user is interested in upgrading to Windows 8 or 8.1. So, Microsoft has to offer them an alternative, if they want to retain these customers.

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Why Is Availing The Service Of A Tech Support Firm The Best Choice To Fix Your Computer Issues

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Best Online Support

A computer is an assembly of various hardware items. These hardware items work with its corresponding software program. Now, if the hardware or software of the operating system does not work smoothly, you can encounter troubles with the computer. When you encounter troubles with the computer, there are many ways to fix it. One of the easiest methods is to call up one of your techie friends. Another option is to call any of the technical support companies that offer Windows online support.

Now, your techie friend may not be available all the time when you encounter an issue with the computer. Therefore, the best option is to avail the support of a technical support company. By calling up a technical support firm, you can ensure that the issue gets fixed as quickly as possible. There are many advantages of choosing a technical support firm. Let us go through these advantages in detail.

Toll free number

Once you sign up for the services of a technical support firm, you can call the company’s toll free number for services. All the technical support firms have toll free numbers for their customers. This helps you to save on your telephone bills.

Support throughout day and night

One of the major advantages of availing the service of a Windows online support company is that they provide you with round the clock support. It does not matter which hour of the day you call them, you will receive instant support.

Support for all computer related issues

Technical Support Company

Online Tech Support

Majority of the technical support firms provide support for all your computer issues. Keep in mind that they will not be able to repair a faulty piece of hardware in your computer as it is beyond their scope of support. However, they will diagnose the issue and find out whether it is related to a faulty hardware. Once you purchase a new hardware or repair it, the technicians can help you with its setup. They will help you to download and install the correct drivers for the hardware so that it works smoothly.

Qualified and skilled technicians

Majority of technical support firms appoint only qualified technicians. They are given high quality training to fix various issues with the computer. By this, they ensure complete resolution of all your computer related issues.

Next time when you face an issue with your computer, make sure that you sign up for the service of a reliable technical support company to avail the best solution.

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