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Cable modem is the easiest option to have internet connection on your Xbox device. However, a cable model offers limited number of gateways. If you have multiple devices, say a PC and a gaming console, connecting both of them to the internet might appear impossible. If you are not ready to compromise on the internet connection of your PC to enable gateway for the gaming console, the best possible solution is to set up a wireless router.

By setting up a wireless router, you will be able to connect your Xbox 360 device to Xbox Live or PC to the internet without switching the connection back and forth. The best part about wireless routers is that they allow multiple devices to access internet simultaneously. If you are not sure about connecting your Xbox 360 console to Xbox Live with the help of a wireless router, read through the below instructions. For assistance to enable internet gateway to your Windows PC from the wireless router, contact the Windows online support desk.


  • Remove the disc if there is any from the Xbox 360 console and turn it off.
  • Check whether the Xbox 360 wireless networking adapter is connected to the console. Read the instructions given in the adapter manual to ensure that the adapter is properly connected to the console. If you are using the latest Xbox 360 console, you don’t have to connect a separate wireless adapter because it has a built-in one.
  • Now, turn on the console and go to the section labelled My Xbox. Choose System Settings from the resulting menu. This will display the System window.

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  • Choose Network Settings in the System window. If your wireless router is on, the Network settings window will detect the wireless network and display its details in the window.
  • Highlight the wireless network and double-click it. If you have password-protected the wireless network, you may have to provide the password to proceed to the next step.
  • If you are connecting the console to the internet for the first time after purchasing it, you will be prompted to update the software. Click the Yes button to confirm it and to proceed.

The above instructions must have helped you enable your Xbox 360 console to access internet via the wireless router. Now, you can login to your Xbox Live account and enjoy its numerous features. For any assistance in future, consider getting in touch with the Windows Online support desk.

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Directions For Establishing A Connection Between Windows PC And Xbox Live

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Xbox 360 is an independent gaming console from Microsoft. It is the predecessor version of Xbox One. Xbox 360 has many good features and is still used by millions of users worldwide. According to some users, the best part of Xbox 360 gaming console is its compatibility with Windows PCs, meaning you can connect the console to any Windows PC you have.

After connecting the console to the PC, you can access your Xbox Live account on the PC. The shared media from the PC can be accessed through the Xbox Live account. Furthermore, the syncing of Xbox 360 console with Windows PC enables you to access a number of PC functions and use them with the console for better performance. The common PC functions that can work with the Xbox console include TV tuning and digital recording. According to Windows online support desk, the procedure of syncing a Windows PC with Xbox 360 gaming console is simple. This article presents you the simplified steps for preparing your PC to operate with Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


  • Turn on your Xbox 360 gaming console and navigate to the section labelled My Xbox.
  • Choose Windows Media Centre from the resulting options. Following that, crosscheck your network settings and gamer tag. Make sure that the console is connected to the PC. The console will perform a network test now. Wait for the test to complete and once done, click the option that says Continue.

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  • A new dialogue box with an eight-digit code will be popped up now. After the code appears, turn your Windows PC on and wait for it to load.
  • When the PC is loaded fully, it will display a bubble pop-up notification stating that a new Xbox 360 device has been detected. Exit the bubble pop-up to continue. (In case the bubble pop-up hasn’t appeared, navigate to Windows Media Centre and choose the Tasks option followed by Add Extender).
  • A new window will be displayed now. You will be prompted to provide the eight-digit code to continue. Enter the code in the given field and select the OK button to proceed. This will establish the link between your PC and the console.

You must have successfully established a connection between the Xbox 360 gaming console and the Windows PC. Now, access all your PC content on the Xbox Live account. Contact Windows online support desk for any further assistance.

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The Clock Ticks On Windows 7 OS

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Microsoft is now preparing to shutdown the support for the Windows 7 operating system, but the much popular desktop operating system still has a lot of years ahead of it. Microsoft has recently published an online support document that details the list of software products that are closing in on their end of support dates. Among them is the much-used Windows 7 operating system. Mainstream support for all the editions of this best selling operating system from Home Basic to Enterprise will end on 13 January 2015 as per the announcement from Microsoft. This was confirmed after contacting the Windows online support team.

The reality is that the users of the Windows 7 operating system have many more years of patches to look forward to. The Support Lifecycle Policy of Microsoft explains that the mainstream support phase of Microsoft includes paid support, design changes, security updates, and non-security hotfixes. On January 13, 2015, the Windows 7 operating system will move into the extended support phase. Software programs that have moved into the extended support phase will be feature-locked. In addition to this, Microsoft no longer honors the warranty claims for the products that have slipped into the extended support phase, nor does the company provide no-charge incident support.

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“Extended Support lasts for 5 years and includes security updates at no cost, and paid hotfix support,” stated Microsoft. “Additionally, Microsoft will not accept requests for design changes or new features during the Extended Support phase.” The Windows 7 users can expect security patches up until 13 January 2020 and further. Many of the Microsoft’s business offerings are also facing their twilight years on 13 January 2015. In addition to the Windows 7 OS, mainstream support is ending for Windows Storage Server 2008, Windows Server 2008, Dynamics NAV 2009, and Dynamics C5 2010. Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 also exits the mainstream support phase on 13, Jan 2015.

Windows Phone 7.8 also faces a similar fate, but it is earlier (Sept 9, 2014). Many of the other Microsoft products are also set to take the path of Windows XP into obsolescence soon. This long-lived operating system reached the end of support date on April 8. Despite the warnings, the market share of Windows XP in the OS market remains practically unchanged since Microsoft retired the operating system. If you wish to know more on this news, you can contact the Windows online support team.

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People Continue To Stick With XP

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Microsoft would have never thought that switching people from their XP platform would be too difficult. In fact, their best ever platform, which had dominated the PC markets with its wider range of users, have finally ended the support offered.

XP platform has been the best ever since it was released in 2002. Microsoft, which declared several end dates for its support had to extend the end date for quite long; as long as 12 years. Finally, as the support ended, they hoped that all the Windows XP users will automatically move towards the newer platforms. However, even several months after the end date, about 25 % of the web users still continue to have Windows XP on their systems.

Microsoft had sent several warning messages to XP users as they have stopped providing security patches and updates for their XP platforms. Since people are still sticking with XP, Microsoft will have to think about taking more efforts to switch them from this veteran platform. Even when Microsoft ended support for Windows XP, many users never cared to think about an upgrade. They seem least bothered about virus attacks and other vulnerabilities. Only hardware failure or compatibility issues could change their minds.

If they encounter any problem with their platform, dialing Windows support number would not help as support is no longer offered for Windows XP. Imagine the situation of large companies where XP has been installed in thousands of computers. If any vulnerable activities interfere, the whole network could be affected and this could bring more trouble to the company. Since warning notices have been issued by Microsoft, several large companies are migrating from XP to newer versions. They dial the Windows support number to enquire about the various features and policies of the new platforms.

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If a person sticking with Windows XP requires technical assistance, he would have to depend on a technician from a service center and pay hundreds of dollars for fixing technical issues. Recently, an article published in the website of Beta News shows how to edit text in registry that could allow XP to acquire updates from Microsoft. By making the edits, the platform will resemble the Windows Embedded Industry that still requires updates from Microsoft until 2018.

Microsoft however has informed that creating these edits will not offer complete protection for Windows XP, as the updates are meant for Windows Embedded software. It would be better for XP users to think about the upgrade at the earliest.

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Boom Period For Google Chromebooks

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Google has turned to be a great rival for Microsoft. It is found that a new group of laptops with Chrome operating systems will reach the stores soon. This can be a big challenge for the Windows platform. Google is now behind new strategies to attract more people towards their different apps and platforms.

There is no wonder if you find that Chromebooks are equipped with much powerful and faster Intel Microprocessors that do not use up batteries like other microprocessors. Google has already found the target group for their Chromebooks, and vendors like Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Toshiba and ASUS are awaiting the Chromebooks. They will be shipping the Chromebooks to the users. You can buy a ChromeBook by paying $300 to $400.

One of the major highlight of Chromebooks is that you get a variety of options to choose from. Google has however tried to make its laptops the most appealing one. Anyone who wishes to have an advanced and functional laptop would definitely be more attracted towards the charming features of Chromebook than that of a Windows or Mac computer.

We should not forget the fact that Intel Corp and all the makers behind the Chromebook had tied their hands with Microsoft long ago and they have been working as partners as well. Let us see the new step by Google as part of their success to influence the business world and the long time partners with Microsoft are now working with Google as well.

Even though Microsoft used to concentrate on software applications a decade ago, we have seen their interest in releasing tablets like Surface and this could have anyway provoked their hardware partners. Unluckily, Surface did not help Microsoft as expected. Moreover, the hardware had several issues as well.

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Intel, on the other hand, has newly designed 20 different chips for Chromebook. Let us accept the fact that Chromebook is growing and unlike the initial Chromebook that was released in 2010, the newly released one is much faster with its performance and has a longer lasting battery. This can be considered as a substitute for the lack of hard drive space.

Instead of searching for the Windows support number, you may soon have to think about the support number if Google offers one. Windows support number was mostly used by people so far and they would definitely wish for a change with the support options.

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