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The former head of the Microsoft’s Windows, Steven Sinofsky is up to a new task, as he has started a new Windows tech support blog named ‘Learning by Shipping’, which would deal with technology product development. Sinofsky indicated that his new blog will feature his opinions mainly about the technology product development, according to The Next Web. From the first post itself, it is clear that he had immense interest in the field where social science and engineering come together.

He said, “Product development is about the inherent uncertainty of business and customer needs and desires, and those change depending on the context.” He additionally added by saying, “There are no right answers, only varying success in the marketplace at a given time.” By writing a book named ‘One Strategy: Organization, Planning, and Decision Making,’ the former Windows head was in the field of writing before and he also wrote some interesting posts on the blog Microsoft’s Building Windows 8. Moreover, his involvement was also seen in Microsoft’s Office Hours and Techtalk blogs.

Steven Sinofsky left Microsoft soon after the release of the latest operating system Windows 8 and he was actively participated in the development of other Microsoft products like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Surface tablets. According to unofficial report from the industry, the sudden departure of the Steven Sinofsky is due to some character clashes over the products of the company with the Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer. Another possible reason for his departure is due to the introduction of touch support in Windows 7 operating system.

Learning by Shipping

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However, there were some speculations doing the rounds regarding the departure of Steven Sinofsky. However, in a blog post hesaid that his new blog will not cover any events happened during his career as the head of Windows but instead he clearly wants to concentrate on the topics that are related to the technology and product development. He acknowledged that most of the previous blog topics came as a result of the interactions with many teams across the world.

Anyway, the new Windows tech support blog will have some provoking thoughts and suggestions from one of the most important newsmakers of 2012, Mr. Steven Sinofsky. Therefore, anyone, who is interested in the technical aspects and designs, can refer the blog ‘Learning by Shipping’ and it would sure provide some clear thoughts on tech development.

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Bigger Screens And Faster Processors With Windows Phone 8 Update 3

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Windows Upgrades To Support Larger View

In a recent announcement, Microsoft announced that a new update was coming up for the operating system of Windows Phone 8 smartphone. They officially named it Windows Phone 8 Update 3. The update is for the shopaholics, which will be adding more features and specifications this shopping season by which the smartphone manufacturers can make the most of it.

The Update 3 will bring larger screens, faster processors, improved Internet sharing, high-resolution displays, and a number of other changes. It also includes accessibility upgrades and has brought a new developer program, which is aimed at the developers getting new firmware in the new updates faster than before. To get more information about the latest upgrades, you can speak to a representative personally with the help of the Windows support number.

The Windows Phone Start Screen upgrade also has enhanced support for large displays. It supports smartphones with six-inch display sizes. Windows 8.1 is specifically designed to support devices with the screen size as small as seven-inches. They are also working on getting the right resolution on these phones, therefore not compromising on its view.

Nokia Lumia is a series of smartphones, which eventually also developed tablets. The Windows RT has been supporting the tablet series.

There is a possibility that Nokia Lumia 2520 smartphones will be powered by Windows Phone 8 Update 3 rather than Windows RT, so that it can support large displays better. The Nokia Lumia has a display of about ten inches. Therefore, it will be logical if they can use the Windows Phone 8 Update 3, so that the new phone has better display. Nevertheless, they have not finalized upon the OS to be used. An additional row of tiles has been added to the support by the latest update.


Windows RT OS Is Used On Smartphones

The new update also includes advanced features for the blind and visually impaired to use the phone hence allowing them to use the smartphones. It also has the ability to close apps while multi tasking. It also includes a locking feature to avoid the screen form rotating. However, the release date has not been decided yet for the Windows Phone 8 Update 3 at this point of time.

The Microsoft website has all the information about the latest update. However, you can also look for a phone support with the Windows support number. You can choose a wide range of Nokia Lumia smartphones, which have many advanced features and appealing looks.

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Google No Longer Supports Older Internet Explorer Versions

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Windows Vista Users May Face Trouble With Google Apps

Google recently announced that they will no longer support the older versions of Internet Explorer. This even includes Internet Explorer 9, which is the latest version of the web browser application that is supported in Windows Vista. This will cut away many businesses and consumers who use Google apps on the Windows Vista machines. Matters only get worse as Microsoft has declined making the Internet Explorer 10 available on Windows Vista. Even those who are using Windows XP will face the same issues, as Internet Explorer does not work in XP, an OS older than Vista. However there is not much concern with XP as Microsoft will be withdrawing support for the OS on April 2014.

This is a good deal for Google as it will force even more people to use the Google Chrome web browser. Google did say that they would support Chrome with Windows XP support till April 2015. Google stated in a blog post, “Each time a new version of one of these browsers is released, we begin supporting the update and stop supporting the third-oldest version.” Hence Internet Explorer 9 users will get to use their Google apps however many of the key feature may not work.

Apparently this all started when Microsoft tried pushing the Internet Explorer 11 along with the release of Windows 8.1 which probably started Google’s clock. However over the next couple of weeks users will find that an upgrade is necessary if they want to use the tools like they used to. Google added, “End users who access Gmail and other Google Apps services from an unsupported browser will be notified within the next few weeks through an in-product notification message or an interstitial pages with information about modern browsers and how to upgrade to them.”

More information has been detailed on the Google support page. Some of the applications that will see a change or rather functions differently include:

  • Internet Explorer 10

    Windows Vista IE Browser May Lose Some Functions

    Calendar: the calendar will now display only in read-only mode.

  • Gmail: Gmail users will be redirected to the basic HTML interface of Gmail. This mode is typically setup if the internet connection is slower than usual.
  • Drive: any drawings and presentations in the Google drive app will not be displayed properly.

Microsoft has been urging people to move away from continuing use of Windows XP but now even Windows vista users may start considering moving to newer version of Windows. For any concerns and issues contact the Windows tech support team. The Windows tech support team will be quick at fixing your issues.

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Windows Vista Support Ends For Google Apps

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Windows support for Vista

There will be great decline in the number of users for Google apps on the Windows Vista operating system, if the Google continues the policy of ending the tech support given to the old versions of the internet explorer. In a recent announcement, Google said that in the coming weeks, the support for the Internet Explorer 9 would be discontinued. However, the fact is that IE9 is the only latest version is compatible with Windows Vista.

Microsoft said recently that the IE10 version of the Internet Explorer will be compatible only with operating systems starting from Windows 7 and will not be supported in Windows Vista. Therefore, the users of the Windows Vista operating system will not be able to use the services of Google Apps in the coming future. Thus, the Windows XP or Vista users cannot use Google apps, as they do not support IE10. Therefore, the only option left is either upgrading to a newer OS or to buy a new PC.

In addition, the users can also consider moving to the Google Chrome internet browser and it is said that Google is ready to provide support for Google Chrome in Windows XP until 2015. This will prompt more users and businesses to change their browsers from IE to Chrome. Google said in a blog post that, “Each time a new version of one of these browsers is released, we begin supporting the update and stop supporting the third-oldest version.” From this, it is very clear that Google is ready to support Mozilla, Apple’s Safari, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Why this change?

Google Apps services

Windows Vista support

Company said that with the release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft has released IE11 making IE9 the third oldest version. Within the coming weeks, the users will slowly understand that they ultimately need an upgrade. Google said, “End users who access Gmail and other Google Apps services from an unsupported browser will be notified within the next few weeks through an in-product notification message or an interstitial page with information about modern browsers and how to upgrade to them.”

With Microsoft announcing the withdrawal of tech support given to the Windows XP operating system, more users might consider migrating to the latest operating system of Microsoft. However, for them Windows Vista will not be an ideal option. Therefore, they need to consider moving to some other OS that supports Google apps. To know more about the end of support for Windows Vista, contact the Windows support number. The Windows support number can be found on the product package or at the Windows website online.

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Remote Assistance In Windows Live Messenger

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RA Possible On Windows Messenger

One among the widely used instant messaging services is the Windows Live Messenger. This comes by default in most of the Windows Systems. One interesting feature of Windows Live Messenger is that the users can get remote assistance from their friends with the help of Windows Live Messenger Remote Assistance.

With the help of the Windows Live Messenger Remote Assistance feature, users can receive remote assistance by letting their friend or any acquainted person to take control of their computer. By doing this, the users can receive assistance to fix or troubleshoot any issue with the PC. To get a better picture on this feature, look for Windows online support in the official websites.

Here are some instructions to use the Remote Assistance feature,

  • Start by launching Windows Live Messenger and then sign in, to be able to use the Remote Assistance Application.
  • Check your list of contacts and decide who to ask for assistance. If the person is not signed in, then he will not be able to assist you. So select a person, click to highlight the same.
  • To the upper menu bar of your Live Messenger, there is an option that says Tools, select it and then select Ask For Remote Assistance.
  • When your friend receives the invitation, if he acknowledges it, then you will have to click Yes in order to accept your friend’s confirmation, and pass on the control of your PC desktop.
  • If you want to end the remote assistance session, you can simply click Stop Control at any point of time during the session to end the assistance provided by your friend.

Windows Messenger The Most Preferred Messenger

When you give out an invite to you friend to control your PC, this is what happens at the other end.

  • Select the Accept option in the invitation box to start remote assistance and wait until the other person confirms to proceed with the process.
  • Next, select the Show Chat option in the new Remote Assistance desktop page.
  • Finally click on the option that says Take Control to start the remote assistance session to help your friend solve issues on his computer.

The Windows Live Messenger Remote Assistance feature is something that is similar to Team Viewer software that lets one troubleshoot another computer. However, unlike other remote assistance software, since it is Windows Live Messenger, you would need an account. More information regarding this is available in the Windows online support center.

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