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Microsoft would have never thought that switching people from their XP platform would be too difficult. In fact, their best ever platform, which had dominated the PC markets with its wider range of users, have finally ended the support offered.

XP platform has been the best ever since it was released in 2002. Microsoft, which declared several end dates for its support had to extend the end date for quite long; as long as 12 years. Finally, as the support ended, they hoped that all the Windows XP users will automatically move towards the newer platforms. However, even several months after the end date, about 25 % of the web users still continue to have Windows XP on their systems.

Microsoft had sent several warning messages to XP users as they have stopped providing security patches and updates for their XP platforms. Since people are still sticking with XP, Microsoft will have to think about taking more efforts to switch them from this veteran platform. Even when Microsoft ended support for Windows XP, many users never cared to think about an upgrade. They seem least bothered about virus attacks and other vulnerabilities. Only hardware failure or compatibility issues could change their minds.

If they encounter any problem with their platform, dialing Windows support number would not help as support is no longer offered for Windows XP. Imagine the situation of large companies where XP has been installed in thousands of computers. If any vulnerable activities interfere, the whole network could be affected and this could bring more trouble to the company. Since warning notices have been issued by Microsoft, several large companies are migrating from XP to newer versions. They dial the Windows support number to enquire about the various features and policies of the new platforms.

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If a person sticking with Windows XP requires technical assistance, he would have to depend on a technician from a service center and pay hundreds of dollars for fixing technical issues. Recently, an article published in the website of Beta News shows how to edit text in registry that could allow XP to acquire updates from Microsoft. By making the edits, the platform will resemble the Windows Embedded Industry that still requires updates from Microsoft until 2018.

Microsoft however has informed that creating these edits will not offer complete protection for Windows XP, as the updates are meant for Windows Embedded software. It would be better for XP users to think about the upgrade at the earliest.

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Boom Period For Google Chromebooks

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Google has turned to be a great rival for Microsoft. It is found that a new group of laptops with Chrome operating systems will reach the stores soon. This can be a big challenge for the Windows platform. Google is now behind new strategies to attract more people towards their different apps and platforms.

There is no wonder if you find that Chromebooks are equipped with much powerful and faster Intel Microprocessors that do not use up batteries like other microprocessors. Google has already found the target group for their Chromebooks, and vendors like Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Toshiba and ASUS are awaiting the Chromebooks. They will be shipping the Chromebooks to the users. You can buy a ChromeBook by paying $300 to $400.

One of the major highlight of Chromebooks is that you get a variety of options to choose from. Google has however tried to make its laptops the most appealing one. Anyone who wishes to have an advanced and functional laptop would definitely be more attracted towards the charming features of Chromebook than that of a Windows or Mac computer.

We should not forget the fact that Intel Corp and all the makers behind the Chromebook had tied their hands with Microsoft long ago and they have been working as partners as well. Let us see the new step by Google as part of their success to influence the business world and the long time partners with Microsoft are now working with Google as well.

Even though Microsoft used to concentrate on software applications a decade ago, we have seen their interest in releasing tablets like Surface and this could have anyway provoked their hardware partners. Unluckily, Surface did not help Microsoft as expected. Moreover, the hardware had several issues as well.

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Intel, on the other hand, has newly designed 20 different chips for Chromebook. Let us accept the fact that Chromebook is growing and unlike the initial Chromebook that was released in 2010, the newly released one is much faster with its performance and has a longer lasting battery. This can be considered as a substitute for the lack of hard drive space.

Instead of searching for the Windows support number, you may soon have to think about the support number if Google offers one. Windows support number was mostly used by people so far and they would definitely wish for a change with the support options.

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Microsoft Alters OneNote For Android Tabs

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Microsoft has now introduced a version of their OneNote note taking application that is optimized to work on Android tablets. This also supports digital inking. This new application will be available for download for free from Google Play. The device should have Android 4.1 or higher versions to install the app. For the past several months, Microsoft has been beta testing this Android tablet version. This new OneNote for Android release includes touch friendly navigation and handwriting support. Microsoft executives had told the testers to expect the Android tablet version of OneNote to support digital inking. This allows the users to take handwritten notes or draw with finger or stylus. This also allows users to add formatting options, include font sizes, types, tags, and alignments.

Microsoft debuted a number of changes to OneNote for the Apple products like iPad, Mac, and iPhone. This has broadened the functionality of this note-taking tool to a complete new level. Users of OneNote for Mac will be able to connect to OneDrive for Business accounts. OneNote for Android tablets contain what Microsoft calls “handwriting support.” It also features interface tweaks to suit larger tablet screens and more formatting options. Tablet support for a rival firm’s devices is not surprising, in keeping with the cross-platform strategy of Microsoft. This release is a continuance of Microsoft’s current platforms and productivity bent.

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Microsoft is also rolling out a couple of other updates for OneNote for Windows Store. They have added printing support, highlighting the ability to insert PDF into notes in the Metro build of OneNote. The larger context is that Android work is a simple prelude to the touch-focused build of Office for the tablets that are running the Google built OS. OneNote was released for iPad before Office and now OneNote is coming to Android tablets before Office. An update for Livescribe+ is also available that adds auto sending features, so that users can set up any Livescribe Notebook using their Livescribe 3 smartpens to automatically send handwritten notes. This was confirmed after contacting the Windows online support team.

Office for Android is expected to be released before a touch version of Office for Windows tablets and the Windows 8.1 RT OS. If you wish to know more on the features and updates to OneNote for Android tablets, you can contact the Windows online support team. They will be able to offer you more information in this regard.

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Getting Windows Vista OS To Run Faster

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Windows Vista, in comparison to the operating systems released prior and after to it, is an extremely slow operating system. Most users, who use this OS complain of slow and erratic performance. The best solution would be to upgrade your system to a newer version of Windows. Windows 7 and Windows 8.x are obvious choices with Windows 7 being the most popular one. If you do not mind the Metro style UI, Windows 8.x OS is the fastest and one of the most stable operating systems ever released.

An even better solution would be to wait for the next version of Windows, Windows 10 to be released. Slated to release in just a few months, this OS appears to be promising, partially due to the new User Interface. To know more about Windows 10, you can contact our Windows support number to talk to our expert support staff.

For the time being, you can make certain changes to your Windows Vista OS to speed up your computer. Changes may not be drastic, but these will be enough to make your computer usable and at least, not to appear as obsolete. One of the biggest reasons for slow performance of Windows computers is the wrong allocation of Virtual Memory. Windows treat the space allocated on the hard-drive, Virtual Memory, as the primary memory. Here’s how you select the right memory size for good performance:

  • Go to the Control Panel window from the Start menu, and click on System And Maintenance. The window will refresh and bring you a new set of options. Click on System icon to open up the System Properties window.
  • On the left side panel, click on Advanced System Settings. You might be prompted to type the username and password in order to establish Administrator user privileges.

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  • Navigate to the Advanced tab and then, click on Settings, which lies right under Performance.
  • Click on Advanced again and hit the Change button in the Virtual Memory section.
  • Disable the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives feature.
  • Select the dominant hard drive partition and select Custom Size. Type in the displayed value of Recommended size inside the box titled Initial Size (MB).
  • Inside the Maximum Size (MB) box, fill in 1.5 times the file space you allocated in Initial Size. Click the Set button to save your preferences.
  • Click on OK button to restart your computer.

You will notice an improvement in performance after Windows has rebooted. If you need help, contact our support staff on our Windows support number to receive further instructions.

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Microsoft To Provide Windows XP Support In China

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Microsoft had ended the services for Windows XP on April 8, 2014 and it had caused a stir among the existing Windows XP uses then. This was a novel business move by Microsoft to boost up the already diminishing sales of the Windows 8 operating system. The touch-centric OS, which was released amid much fanfare more than two years ago, had failed to attract the users. As a result, the software giant had decided to terminate the services of Windows XP in a bid to insist the customers to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Even after the services for Windows XP was terminated, many users decided to stay with this aged version of the Windows OS. Interestingly, this included some of the major IT companies and financial institutions, who were averse to the idea of moving onto the so-called advanced Windows 8 operating system. One of the main factors that led to the downfall of Windows 8 was that the operating system didn’t comprise of many useful features. Microsoft, in a bid to make Windows 8 on par with other advanced operating systems, excluded the basic features such as the Start Menu. Many users thus faced issues in performing even the basic functions and that included booting and rebooting their systems. Many Windows 8 users started contacting the Windows tech support team to know about the troubleshooting steps required to fix their systems.

As a result, most users decided to stay with Windows XP and Windows 7. The overall user share of Windows 7 increased to large numbers and thus reached a staggering 50 % compared to the meager 15 percent achieved by Windows 8. According to the Windows tech support, now the company has also decided to collaborate with Lenovo Group Ltd. and Tencent Holding Ltd. to provide support for Windows XP in China.

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Commenting on this latest business collaboration, sources close to Microsoft stated that “For domestic users who continue to use Windows XP before upgrading to a new operating system, we have made it a priority to provide safety protections.” In addition to this, Qihoo, another software firm has promised XP support for users in China. According to Alex Xu, co-chief financial officer at Qihoo 360, “Qihoo 360 will continue to provide Windows XP support to Chinese users as long as there are still XP users in China.”

Well, it can be said that things have become more difficult for Microsoft now as far as the business prospects related to Windows 8 are concerned.

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