Microsoft Trying Everything Possible To Encourage Users To Ditch XP

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Microsoft Windows XP was undoubtedly the most popular Windows operating system of the last decade. Only after the launch of Windows 7 did XP lose its market share to become the second most popular OS. It is hard to believe that even months after Microsoft pulled the plug on the aging operating system, there are millions still clinging on XP. It is pretty difficult to understand why people consider using this operating system even when most of them are aware of the end of support.

Microsoft has actually stopped providing all kinds of support such as Windows online support, technical assistance, security updates, etc; either paid or free. This means there is virtually no Windows online support for Windows XP any more. If we analyze why this is happening there is some logic behind this madness. Let us analyze the possible reasons:

Thirteen years of familiarity:

Just imagine, it has been thirteen years since the launch of Windows XP and even still Windows XP is popular. The main reason for this the familiarity of the operating system. People hate change and never like to mess things up, when things are going fine. Windows XP survived for thirteen years. So, it is by far the most familiar operating system. Changing something so familiar and comfortable to use may not be easy for many people. This is probably why hardcore Windows XP fans still prefer it, even after the end of OS support.

Windows Vista failure

Windows Vista, the successor to Windows XP, was a nightmare. There were too many issues with Vista and very few Windows XP users migrated to Windows Vista. Vista had issues concerning privacy, security, performance, driver support and many others.

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Windows XP-dependant third party software

There were many third party software programs developed to work just on Windows XP. Since these software programs depend on Windows XP for the proper functioning, many SMBs using them still cling on to Windows XP. Developing new software and upgrading to newer versions can be a costly affair for many businesses. They may find the migration and training process too costly to afford.

Whatever may be the reason for not migrating, clinging on to unsupported operating systems may be not a good option. Microsoft is offering various upgrade schemes to smoothen the transition process. One of the offers include saving $100, when you upgrade to a brand new Windows 8 machine. There is another exciting offer, which gives 90 days of free support and a free data transfer service. The software maker is doing everything possible to lure XP users to newer Windows versions.

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Microsoft Warns CIOs Against Deadlines For Windows Support

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It was in April 2014 that the tech giant Microsoft ended the Windows support offered to its age old operating system called Windows XP. This tempted many of the existing Windows XP users to move to other versions of operating systems including Windows 7 and Windows 8. As of now, there comes another concern for the CIOs regarding the end of support deadline for some of the key products of Microsoft including Windows 7.

According to the Windows support number, the tech giant Microsoft has decided to end the main stream support provided to one of its most popular operating system Windows 7 on January 13, 2015. This is applicable to all the versions of Windows 7 and as a result, the Windows users will not receive any free patches or fixes for the Windows 7 operating system. However, Microsoft has decided to provide an extended support for Windows 7 until January 14, 2020, which will allow users to receive free updates but not any feature updates.

This is a big concern for many of the businesses and companies, since they have to find an alternate solution. If the operating system is not receiving any security updates or fixes, then the machine will become more prone to virus attacks, thereby resulting in the system failure. As Ms. Foley noted, Microsoft often provides flexible options for users when it comes to implementing deadlines. The most popular products from Microsoft often are provided with extended deadlines.

According to Ms. Foley, “Some industry watchers have speculated that Microsoft will end up pushing out Windows 7′s support dates the way the company did for XP, given Windows 7′s popularity, but so far, there’s been no word from Microsoft officials that this is the plan.” Most of the enterprises that have hundreds of machines running the software for serious business operations will be affected the most with the end of support.

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According to CIO Journal, most of the utility operators are concerned about Microsoft’s decision to end the support for XP, as it would make it very easy for the cyber criminals to create software-containing viruses, which will ultimately create industrial accidents or regional blackouts.

Apart from the end of support for Windows 7, it is also said that the tech giant has decided to end the support for Office 2010 with Service Pack 1 and SharePoint 2010 with SP1 on October 14, 2014 according to Windows support number. Thus, the business enterprises should find an alternate solution as soon as possible to minimize the effects.

For more news and information regarding this, contact our Windows tech support team.

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UK Government Payoff To Extend Windows XP Support

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Microsoft has received a payoff of 9 million dollars in order to receive uninterrupted support and services for the Windows XP users for a time-frame of one year. This is one of the unexpected events to have happened post the cutoff date of April 8.

This nine million dollar contract is supposed to provide Windows tech support and other services for Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2003 and Exchange 2003. The support for Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003 has ended already while the cutoff date for Exchange 2003 will commence very soon.

Sarah Hurrell explained on the expenses that they would have had to face if they were to pay for these fixes and security updates separately. The commercial director for Telecom and IT of Crown Commercial Service, Sarah said that the total amount for the fixes and updates would cost them around twenty to thirty three million dollars.

Nevertheless, Microsoft also said that such deals would not let other users out of danger. It is as per the plan that there is any type of security update or any other update for the twelve-year-old operating system. The company has been making it a point continuously that Windows XP users are prone to major threats if they refuse to upgrade to a newer version. As the initial step, they ended the Windows Tech Support for the same.

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The most difficult thing is that a system that runs on Windows XP cannot run Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Therefore, a simple upgrade is not enough, moreover the entire system has to be replaced in order to support the higher versions of Windows operating systems. This is the only reason why people are refusing to upgrade and are planning to work on the same until the end, hoping that Microsoft might make changes to the current plan of not releasing security updates.

It is evident that Microsoft has planned to abandon Windows XP as a strategy, since there are very few people who have actually accepted Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 is different from the former operating systems from Windows 7 to higher versions. Windows 8.1 was developed in order to support all the mobile devices like Smartphone tablets and touchscreen computers.

There is another use related to this one, Microsoft has developed an OS with the latest technology that has the ability to recognize if it is treated as a desktop or a laptop.

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BitTorrent To Launch New Application For Users

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Recently, the famous file distribution system BitTorrent announced its preliminary test version of BitTorrent Bleep. The best part about this application is that now users will be able to successfully make voice calls and even send messages over the Internet.

For this, they wouldn’t need to rely on the central server in order to manage the traffic. Instead of this option, this advanced system will work by allowing the users to find one another with the help of groups of other users. Upon hearing this news, many users started even calling the Windows online support number to know how this application will support and run on their Windows devices.

The users do not need to worry about the leak out of their personal information in BitTorrent Bleep, simply because there are no records of the calls or texts stored anywhere in this application. Once a connection is made for a call, the users will be able to communicate between the two computers and this defies the mass-surveillance issue. According to recent reports, this software is being made available by invitation for now. The company said that they want to launch a flawless application for their customers worldwide and this is the reason why they are still working on it.

If you talk about the major flaws of this application, the one that strikes the most is its compatibility with only Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you’re still running a Windows XP computer and looking to run this BitTorrent program, it won’t work. According to the Windows online support team, it is best to upgrade to the latest versions of the OS in order to enjoy free calls through this program.


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In 2013, the company had launched BitTorrent Sync as an alternative to various cloud-based programs, with several storage options. The latest BitTorrent program will definitely preserve the privacy of the users and would let it stay only between the sender and the recipient. But in the case of most messaging services available today, they rely on central servers in order to deal with the electronic signals that establish the connections between the users. Due to this sole reason, the metadata passed through these servers get intercepted and monitored.

Since last September, BitTorrent had been working exclusively on this application and had announced a plan to develop a secure online chat service for its users. Once it gets launched, the program would definitely set a benchmark for other popular messenger services.

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Windows XP Market Share Remains Unchanged

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It seems that the end of Windows XP support or the spread of vulnerabilities hasn’t made any difference in the number of folks still using the operating system. Windows XP is still holding about one third of the total Windows market share. Among these users, about half of them are using it as their primary operating system.

Microsoft ended all kinds of support for XP on 8th of April this year. There is dedicated Windows support number for the OS. Before ending the support, the tech giant had said that it would endorse third party security firms to continue providing technical support for Windows XP. Nevertheless, no further improvements have been made on this.

Market watcher reports highlight big contrast between Windows XP Vs Windows 8

A recent report published by Market Watcher highlights the huge gap between the market share of Windows XP and Windows 8. While XP holds about 30.01 percent of the total Windows market share, Windows 8 has managed to obtain only about 2.64 percent of the market share as of last January. The total market share of both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 combined makes up about 6.66 percent of the market share.

Microsoft states that there has been a considerable decline in the number of users of Windows XP. However, the claims need to be looked at from different angles. If you consider the entire Windows market share, including all types of devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, the market share of Windows XP might be slightly lower that what Market watcher puts, that is 30.01 percent. But, it does not really mean that Windows XP market share has reduced.

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The number of people using XP remains the same. A slight change is reflected in the market share because of the increasing number of users for tablets and smartphones. If you consider only the desktop/laptops market share of Windows, Windows XP could be securing a much higher percentage of market shares.

The latest trend, after Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP and pulled out the Windows support number of XP, is that people are choosing a new operating system only when they have to purchase a new PC. There is much lesser number of users wanting to upgrade their PCs from an older operating system, perhaps Windows XP or Windows Vista to either Windows 7 or Windows 8. Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 9 OS might make a difference because of the hype it gets that it is a desktop oriented OS.

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